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NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd Invite Learn Common Rail Into Xinjiang

August 14, 2018

NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd invite you into Xinjiang

Do not forget the heart of the first heart

At the invitation of Qi Feng, the president on duty this month, the NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd  Xinjiang Event joined hands with four gold medal lecturers from three major manufacturers into Xinjiang. NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd is committed to creating a high-quality information technology, business and networking platform, multi-convergence, multi-exchange, resource sharing, win-win cooperation chamber. NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd will always strive to move forward, never forget why to set out, face the future, face the challenges.


NANT Test Equipments Co., Ltd Xinjiang activities hand in hand to the top three manufacturers in China:



Nanyue electronic control (Hengyang) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd


Four major gold medals lecturers:


Sun Guoting lecturer

Domestic excellent lecturer of diesel electronic control, NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd lecturer, comprehensive theoretical knowledge, rich practical experience, full service for school oil pump practitioners.


Yan Jianfeng lecturer

Graduated from Beijing Institute of Information Management in 2004, majoring in computer science. A frontline lecturer in Cummins.


Hao Weidong lecturer

Hao Weidong, the founder of Nanyang City, Henan, entered the Nanyang oil pump factory in 1988. In 1990, the oil pump began to practice rich experience. In 2011, it joined the electric spray technology department of NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd. The NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd lecturer, specializing in the research and training of electric spray technology, was particularly rich in theory and practice.


Lecturer of Lu Zhe

Lu Zhe, NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd lecturer. In 1996, he plunge into the oil pump maintenance industry and began to repair the electric spray car in 07 years. In 2010, it broke out the technical blockade of the high pressure common rail test platform in 2010, the pioneer of the low cost diesel electric spray maintenance scheme, engaged in the maintenance of the fuel system for nearly 20 years, and was proficient in the common rail maintenance of Europe four, Europe, Carter and Cummings. There are more than 1000 classes in China, and there are a lot of maintenance and operation experience.


Lecture content

1. The latest diesel electric control system solution.

2. The relationship between engine electronic control system and vehicle circuit diagram affects ABS.AMT.CBCU.MI.VECU instrument.

3. Sensors, actuators, fault impact judgment methods.

4. Decoder data stream analysis, to achieve oil circuit engine problem point accurate judgment.

5. country four, country five, country six DPF after treatment.

6. the principle of the work of the urea pump and the process of the post treatment.

7. Rapid maintenance judgment method for dismantling urea pumps of different brands.

8. How to solve the trouble of over 5 and over 7 after treatment quickly and how to adjust urea consumption freely. Various urea problem limit torsion fast judgment maintenance method!

9. Electronic control oil circuit system, high and low pressure oil circuit, oil pump nozzle fast judgment maintenance method!

10. Cummins insite software use, diagnostic basis, data flow analysis, data brush and horsepower rewriting notes skills.

11. Cummins Basic Circuit Electronically Controlled Diesel Basic Circuit and Power Supply on Computer Edition.

12. Circuit diagram principle, sensor, actuator failure and troubleshooting scheme, and classical data flow analysis.

13. processing fault treatment after 2772 and 2773 Cummins Working principle and deep maintenance of .

14. The working principle and deep maintenance of the nozzle of the single pump pump.

15.The working principle and accurate maintenance of Carter medium pressure.